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Plumtree has had its share of interesting characters; the lives of some of them are documented here:

  • Over time members of the Burnside family replaced buildings and offered many generous gifts to Plumtree village in general and the church in particular, culminating in the construction of the Burnside Memorial Hall in 1921.
  • William Raynor VC was born in Plumtree and was awarded the Victoria Cross for his part in defending the Delhi magazine during the Indian Mutiny in 1857.
  • Kate Murden was born in Plumtree in 1895. She compiled her "Notes on life in Plumtree early in the 20th century" in January 1989. We have reproduced these here and added extra explanatory information in the form of pop-up footnotes.
  • Richard Pritchet founded a trust to "...provide for the poor of the parish of Plumtree."
  • Revd Gareth Banting, son of the Rector of Plumtree, who was killed during the Second World War.
  • Albert Edward Lucas (also known as Albert Arthur Lebbern) who married Elsie Astill of Plumtree.
  • Revd Harold Robinson was the Rector of Plumtree from June 1926 to October 1936.  He had three daughters, a hearty laugh and a friendly and welcoming personality.


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